Five Tips to Turning Your Job Into a Business

People often need to choose between career and passion. However, becoming your “own” boss is not impossible. There are times that your passion may include building a business that will not only earn you great income but also help other people.

There are indeed pros and cons to building a business. However, starting with what you do best and what you love most is a great way to commence your business.

Here are five tips you need to know in running a business doing what you love most.

1. Before quitting your job, study your company’s structure. For instance, know what their limitations and strengths are. Identify their loopholes and how they treat their clients and customers. Study their values and how they perceive their goals. From there, you can start by creating a comprehensive plan of your own business.

2. Become an expert in the field before anything else. Your job is not just a job. It is also an extension of your life’s work. Make sure that you excel in the field that you love and try to learn other aspects of running a business. In this way, people will start respecting your work and your company because you know what you are talking about.

3. Be careful with the people you listen to, especially whom you talk to about starting your business. People tend to initiate and emphasize the risks and fears of running a business. This is not bad, after all. However, it is best to consult with experts, people who are successful in building a business from their passion. Never let people drag down your dreams in becoming your “own” boss.

4. In your business plan, including your goals for the next coming years and the people you may want to joint venture with.

5. Be mindful of loans. If you don’t have enough savings to start up your business, usually we go to borrowing money as our next plan. However, business loans and debt financing can impose a vast amount of burden on start-up businesses. It is best to consult with experts in managing your loans and debts, and it is vital to familiarize yourself with the risks as well.

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