How To Balance Your Time With Your Family and Business

Balancing your time is essential, especially if you have your own family. Every decision that you make affects different aspects of your family members, especially for children. Children’s growth requires time and focus from parents, but at the same time, you will need to earn for the future of your children.

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies (2015), fathers take up at least seventy-five hours of work and housework weekly. Only thirteen of these hours are for children and family. On the other hand, mothers work at least seventy-seven hours weekly including professional work and household and twenty-seven of these hours are for children and family.

Choosing between your family and business should not be the case; it is always vital to look for solutions that benefit both at the same time and the same level.

For parents who run a business, here are three ways to manage your time for your family.

1. Learn to separate and combine. For couples running a business together, it is significant to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. It is best to chat to each other before putting up a schedule that best caters to your business and family. In this situation, you have three priorities– your family, your business and each other. Take turns on who goes to the office and who stays at home to take care of your children. On weekends, free your schedule for family date nights or lunches. Lastly, always try to come home for dinner every day.

2. Always come home relaxed and calm. After coming home work, take time to change and shower. Your mood affects your children. They will need your sense of happiness and calmness. Be aware of how you communicate and try to avoid complaining in front of your children. If there’s time, help them out with their homework.

3. Schedule a game or movie night. Even after a tiring day, it is best to commit at least one night on weekdays for a hobby that you and your family enjoy. Some ideas may include computer game night or movie screening. Come home early on that night and make it a habit weekly.

Whatever way, manage your time between work and home, always make sure to talk with your children regularly. When creating family relationships and stronger and tighter bonds require flexibility and patience.

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