3 Common Myths About Hypnosis that You Need to Know

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences every day, often more than once. Hypnosis refers to the inducing of a passive state of mind, or trance, that helps better communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

A lot of people believe Hypnosis is based on the assumptions that they see on stage. When watching a stage hypnotist, they may act as if he or she has power over the people on stage which is far from the truth. Stage acts help create myths about Hypnosis which discourages people from seeking legitimate Hypnotherapy.

Here are three common misconceptions about Hypnosis that we want to share with you:

1.   Hypnosis is NOT sleeping.

Hypnosis is rather an awake state. Sleep is a state of reduced consciousness during which a person rests in a daily rhythm. On the other hand, Hypnosis is a trance-like state in which a person has heightened suggestibility. When a person undergoes Hypnotherapy, the psychological healing process that uses Hypnosis can help improve sleep when a person has insomnia. It can help a client’s body and mind to relax, but is not sleeping as such.

2.   Hypnosis is NOT being controlled by someone else.

Contrary to popular belief, Hypnosis is not a way to control people. Hypnosis is simply a state of higher alertness and focused attention. Hypnosis is providing a suggestion to people that they might not have thought of on their own by building a relationship or connection with the client.

3.   Hypnosis is NOT a state of unconsciousness.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and not losing control over yourself. When a person undergoes Hypnotherapy, it helps reduce stress chemicals and bring the body back to the balance that enables you to relax.

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