How Does Hypnosis Work?

Some people believe that Hypnosis is not real. Often, people fear that Hypnosis will make them lose control or surrender their will. However, Hypnosis simply refers to the inducing of a passive state of mind, or trance, that helps better communication between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy operates by empowering clients to change unconscious beliefs and update them. Hypnosis is a relaxed mental state, in which we bypass the critical faculty and when the mind is relaxed, the mind becomes much more sensitive to suggestions. 

Hypnosis allows us to reframe and update previous beliefs – for example, quitting smoking will be hard and painful – and replace them with new and more useful hypotheses. We can override these automatic ideas and thoughts in deeply relaxed Hypnosis and update this thinking with new suggestions.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences every day, often more than once. Have you ever tried talking to someone who is watching TV and found it hard to get their attention? This is a naturally occurring trance state. Hypnosis is an awake state, a state of relaxation, exercise for your mind, rapport with your unconscious, and the ultimate display of control.

An excellent example of this is a client’s weight loss problem.

There may be a lot of convictions in your unconscious mind about losing weight. You might think that it is impossible to lose weight automatically, and don’t want to give up your favourite foods, or you don’t have time.

However, we delete, distort, generalise memories, experiences, and expectations that drive your conscious actions, and you don’t even know this is happening. Hypnosis, according to studies, works for circumstances like this. Other benefits of Hypnosis include management of chronic pain and quitting poor habits.  

Hypnosis empowers you to change your unconscious thoughts. Hypnosis helps your mind to think differently about your challenges and goals, you can eliminate the negative beliefs.

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